Top Instagram Ideas for Your Restaurant

Instagram Promotion Ideas

Social Media has always been the best source of marketing in this era. It is always a headache for big restaurant giants and small restaurant managers even to keep the posts inflow on their social media websites and social media forums. What to share on social media on Instagram and other social media websites is highly important because it enthralls your internet traffic. To keep the audience enthralled and kept them visiting your page on and off, the content decides the number of people visiting your page.

Instagram Promotion Ideas

Here I’ll suggest some strategies and content ideas that may help you to increase engagement on social media platforms.

1. Promo Videos

Short promo videos have always been found to place a great impact on the society. The videos have the power to enthrall the audience in the lesser time as compared to the posters or pictures. Try making short and catchy videos that can provide maximum information at the least time. Videos do the job much better than pictures or brochures. This is why many big companies rely on advertising through commercials.

2. Staff Care

The way you treat your staff, it has a great impact on the society your venture is part of.  The society always has the sympathy for the person who is ill-treated and is not given the compensation he deserves. Show your love for the staff and adopt the strategy of posting employee of the month. This will give an impression that your staff means a lot to you and you care about them.

3. Competition Hashtags

The competition hashtags have always been found to engage the community. The competition always comes with the bigger prize money, and this is the only attraction that enthralls the audience easily. Using competition hashtags and running them on Instagram or even Facebook engages a good number of people that are interested in winning the prize money or gadgets that are an essential part of a certain competition.

4. Quality Food Pictures

The quality pictures always allure people who are fond of eating. The more good food appears in the pictures, more are the chances of getting people attracted to your restaurant. Good quality pictures have the temptation that draws the attention of people. This is why many restaurants place the things in a way they appear bigger than they are. Burgers are one such example. A burger appears bigger in pictures than it is in reality. If you are planning to have good quality pictures, hire freelancer photographer or invite media influencers so that you may get ideas on how to place things to influence your potential customers.


5. Allow pre-reservations

Pre-reservations allow the users to have their bookings before they get to the restaurant. This gives the sense of security to the customers who are planning to visit your restaurant. Allow bookings so that they get to know about the availability before they visit the place. It helps if your restaurant is partnered with a table management system.

6. Behind the Scenes

Posting about the process adopted and the safety precautions are taken care of while making the food gives the sense of safety to the customers that are too considerate about hygiene and quality of the ingredients used to prepare the food.