Role of CRM in Marketing Techniques

One of the best ways to grab customers is not to attract strangers and think of ways to turn them into leads, but keeping the ones that have already made a purchase. Guess what the research has to say about this? According to the research, if a person has made a purchase from you once, he is 60% likely to come back to make another purchase. Also, it is less expensive to keep an already existing customer than to acquire a new one.

All these statistics prove that it is the only fair that we think about how to make the people come back to our restaurants who have already eaten once. One good way to do it is by integrating a good CRM system in your restaurant. CRM stands for customer relationship management. CRM is used to attain the data of the customers that visit a restaurant and then using that to improve the customer experience.

CRM marketing techniques help you to establish that somewhat personal bond with your customer, using the marketing techniques on them that they feel are directed personally towards them.

As digital communication is evolving at every step, it is only fair that we use it to our advantage. Hence, you are going to find nothing that suits you more in order to run the targeted market campaigns than CRM. You can use the customer information that is available on the database to its fullest.

How and Where to Collect Data

There are many different channels that can be used to gather customer data. Here are some of them.

  •       Social media

This is the most important tool yet. You will be able to keep track of their profiles, and that will give you much information about their likes and dislikes. But most importantly, engaging in a two-way conversation becomes a reality via social media.

  •       The website

Your restaurant must have a website. Personally, I believe it is really bothersome when I google a restaurant, and their website does not show up. Makes me believe that they are a low budget restaurant, paying no attention to the details that matter.

If your customers visit your website, they will leave feedbacks that will be extremely important for your CRM marketing. You will get a better insight as to what to improve.

  •       Email/phone marketing

Even when they are gone after making a purchase, you can always show a customer that you care about them by sending them an email or an SMS. You can thank them for their purchase and tell them about your latest deals and cut prices. This will give them a feeling of being special.

Advantages of CRM Marketing

1. Upselling becomes easy

Let’s suppose your menu has two dishes, pasta, and spaghetti. You make them in the same amount. But somehow, your customers end up eating all the pasta up before even half the amount of spaghetti has been devoured; because they love the creamy white sauce on it. What do you do then?

If you use the CRM technique, you will be able to tell apart the more in-demand items from the lesser ones. This way, you will have two advantages. 1) you will be able to know which thing isn’t being liked and make improvements to it, and 2) you will make the more in demand food more than the one that isn’t preferred.

2. Email Marketing

A person is more likely to get your message on his phone, and nowhere else. If you want to get your point across quickly, and in the most effective manner, you would have to start email marketing.

Even though you can’t, but don’t just design a simple email and just forward it to everyone. That is a big no-no. Instead, customize them according to the customers.

3. Loyalty Programs

The restaurant systems, if having CRM systems, are able to track the meal preferences of their customers. This will help these restaurants run loyalty programs. Your customers will love it if you customize anything based on their needs, and you can always do so by running a reasonable loyalty program.

You can also introduce offers in multiple outlets of your restaurants using this technique.

4. SMS Marketing

One of the most preferred CRM technique is to reach the customer through an SMS marketing strategy. If you send them personalized messages like greetings on different occasions, you will never fail to grab their attention. You can also make them aware of the special discounts and offers that you have related to the occasion to them.


It is very important to consider CRM marketing in your general marketing plan for your restaurant. So, you have to introduce it in your system if you want to gain an edge over your