Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Make an Impact Today

Restaurant promotion ideas

There are multiple options; online and offline to promote your business. Before adapting a certain promotion idea, it’s important to understand your business requirements. You need to have firm control over the accounting system of your restaurant to give out discounts and various deals. Don’t just copy anyone’s idea because it works wonders for them.

You need to understand your customer behavior according to your own demographics and location. Have a realistic assessment of where your restaurant is standing currently in the marketplace. Get data for your online customers and the most popular items on your menu. Also, you need to have a firm grasp on your food margins. You can give out discounts on food with excess margins however there are other ways to go about it as well as listed below.

Restaurant Promotion Ideas

Restaurant promotion ideas

Arranging Events

Happy Hour

You can fill in your restaurant with more people during less busy hours of the day. Typically happy hour range from 4-7 pm and you can give discounts on various cocktails and refreshments. The key to this is to leave your customers wanting more of your menu.

Sporting Events

You can maximize your sales by screening a major sports league or tournament. You’ll require some basic infrastructure such as large TVs to compete with fellow bars and restaurants across the street.

Themed Dinner Parties

You can organize a party from a particular part of history or even base it on food cuisine. Put heavy emphasis on décor and the overall experience of your guests.

Local Events

Every locality has some form of events only targeted to their own vicinity. You can cash on those events and arrange a special event at your restaurant. Giving out discounts and free coupons is the way to go.

Large Holidays

Holidays such as Christmas and Halloween are quite competitive as majority of restaurants will be offering different form of deals. The key to success in this case is to start advertising early.

Giving Out Discounts

Buy 1 get 1 free, Discount on Delivery, A percentage of discount on the whole meal or giving out coupons are some of the offers you can enlist outside your restaurant. It will ensure more traffic hence more potential sales for the business.

Pricing Strategies

Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Program

You can build a royalty program through different ways. It can be associated with the number of visits, amount spent or the items purchased. You can offer loyalty program discounts to attain a more dedicated customer base for the business. Signing up for a loyalty app is also an option which can reduce the work at your end.

Downtime Promotions

When your restaurant has few customers during the day, you can put on promotional packages onto your menu. It will help you acquire customers from an untapped market.

Website Optimization

Having a user-friendly interface of your website with built-in features will reduce your customer acquisition costs. You can place a leverage system onto your site so people can be more interested and your booking rate increases in magnitude.