Hiring Restaurant Staff: Explained by Job Role

Hiring the right restaurant staff

Whether it’s summertime or winter time, the demand for restaurant never fades away. But wait! Not every restaurant is destined to be high on appetite… Now here comes a BIG question in our mind that what are the things which make our restaurant more demanding as we live in a relative world and our potential customers are going to collate us with the restaurants offering same stuff.

Finding qualified employees is as important as the quality of food. In fact, all these things mingle to give a quality restaurant which later on becomes a brand. The skills and peculiar command one needs to thrive in a restaurant all depends on the role he/she will play in the business. Before looking for “HOW to hire” we must know “WHO to hire” for the restaurant. Chefs, Serving Staff and Managers are the backbone of the restaurant.

Hiring the right restaurant staff

Here are some tips for hiring the right restaurant workforce:


Chefs are more like the heart of restaurant because their taste is going to define the name of our restaurant. The first thing customers look everywhere is the taste. The strong culinary game plays a trump card.

How to hire them

A good chef needs to have following qualities which can be assessed by different activities as per standards and requirements:

  • Creative enough to challenge themselves in creating opportunities for growth of restaurant
  • Must be excellent at handling knife
  • A restaurant is like a machine, and therefore team player mentality is a must thing
  • Good at communicating with other staff
  • Positive attitude

Serving Staff

The way we deal with people plays a great role in putting our first impression upon them and in case of restaurant this role is being played by serving staff. More gentle, polite and caring the serving staff, more the people will get impressed, even before the serving of food.

How to hire them

A good serving staff needs to have following qualities:

  • Cool minded
  • Good at public communication
  • Cordial and hospitable
  • Must be a good observer and attentive sort of person
  • Good at personal hygiene and presentable nature

These are some things which are inborn and important for a good serving staff, upon no compromise can be tolerated. Other things can be learned like we can ask them to inspect the items before serving them to customers, offering of post quick meal services and tip accepting manners, etc


It’s ok to say that finding someone who can do a job like this with a smile are few and far between. Managers are the spinal cord of restaurant. A manager must be good at communicating with customers as well as staff. It’s the manager who tempers the anger of chef when he is fed up with a server’s mistakes. Also, it’s the manager who tries to smooth the situation when the customer is angry over his overcooked steak.

How to hire them

A good manager must have following qualities:

  • Good at managing tough and stressful situations
  • Must be loyal and understand the high-level requirements of the job
  • Good communications skills
  • Handy experience and trustworthy references

Note: All staff members need to know the work ethics and restaurant culture whereas creating a job description, job statement and carrying out interviews are some general stuff, so these things are omitted and just mentioned above the qualities to look for.