Tips for Bar and Restaurant Background Music

Music like the internet has become part of our lives. And just as well part of our businesses. Yes, we’re talking about background music in bars and restaurants. If you are a person that likes to eat quietly and music during this period is a no go, then this article is not for you my friend.

Gladly very few people around the globe share the same view as above. It was learned from a study that having the correct music for your place can increase food sales from 15.6% to all the way 40%. Shocking huh!

Have some Tips

Before you grab your keys and rush out to buy a music system, please understands that some issues need to look at. When your doing business, everything provided has a price to pay. You cannot just connect the phone and start playing your favorite playlist. Get yourself familiarized with PROs (Perform Rights Organization) like BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC. Or be yourself ready to be sued.

1)    Drinks on High: The afternoon or early evening are low customer timings. Most restaurants are almost empty. Don’t start playing loud and upbeat music at these times. Try a slower tempo playlist. This encourages customers to stick around for longer times. They will usually spend 40% more on drinks and desserts. Meaning you can promote your menu for desserts and drinks for these time periods.

2)    Lower Food Cost: If the mood set around a place is relaxing, people will have more satisfaction. And what better way to set the mood than with some music? Go for soft background music. Two groups patrons were made to dine in a restaurant with two different settings respectively. One had relaxing lighting and music; the other had bright lighting and no music. It was concluded that the informal group experienced more satisfaction with their orders and ate less.

During slower dayparts, go for softer music. Include small palates menu featuring smaller portions, saving food cost. You can also have on-demand arcade and trivia and don’t forget the drinks.

COuntry music fans

3)    Country Music Fans have big pockets: No matter if you like it or not always include country music like Nashville in the playlist. Why do you ask? 42% of the American population loves country music. And 1 out of every two country music fans earns upwards of $100,000. Plus, they are more likely to dine outside than at homes, when they do the family comes with them. In short, they are the ideal patrons.

This is a matter of attracting people. You can set your venue with just the purpose of attracting country music fans.

4)    Time to Pump thing UP: This tip is no mystery, almost everybody knows it. What matters is if and how you use it? If you want to increase the drink sales in a bar, turn up the music. This alone will double the alcohol consumption rate. But be responsible.

5)    Turn it Up: When you are in your peak time, a different route is taken. Go for faster tempo music. This will affect the conscience of the customers. They will unknowingly start eating faster and still feel that they weren’t “rushed.”

6)    Sweet Success: One crazy yet practical tip. Having the right music can very much enhance the flavors of your drinks and food. Playing higher frequency, high pitched music has proved to bring out the sweetness in food. Congrats to deserts. If you’re a pub go for heavy music like bass and deep vocals.

7)    Priorities: Music was chosen as a means to increase sales. So, if food is your main focus try to keep background music as BACKGROUND music. If the music is too loud, people get distracted from their orders and the taste as well.

8)    For the Customers: Music is a personal thing. Everyone has their own choices. If you doubt the playlist that was decided, don’t just settle for easy music. That can have a negative impact on sales. Personal tastes should be set aside, and guest preferences need to be considered.

Creating Inspirational Menu cards for Restaurants

Every restaurant out there has some specific standards along which they function to provide their customers with the best possible experience. The experience starts from the moment they enter through the doors of the restaurant and ends as they leave through the same doors.

And where there are a lot of aspects that go into a good restaurant experience, one of the many elements is the menu card design. A restaurant is more than just a means to make the food look appealing. It portrays your brand, your ideology and your take on food.

Spending considerable amount of time

A lot of time should be put in and technically should go into designing a menu card. As mentioned, the menu card is not only there to make your food more appealing, it always much more than what it looks to the eyes.

A lot of time should go into putting the mindset and brand concept into designing a menu card. The colors, typography, layout of things, everything is essential in regards to providing your customers with a fine dining experience. Moreover, the language that you would use to describe the items also plays a vital role in the experience.

Looking into the technicalities

It should be noted here that small technicalities go into designing a good restaurant menu card. It is not necessary that monochrome way of taking colors is the way to make sure everything is classy and looks good, it has to be something that depicts what your restaurant is all about.

For instance, having colorful and easy on the eyes restaurant menu cards is still achievable and can yet be found in a lot of restaurants these days. Be sure to make some quality effort into designing a beautiful restaurant menu card.


Okay, so language and choice of works are important when it comes to showing your customers the menu items. Remember, a beautiful menu card is of no use or importance if the customers can’t understand what they are looking at or reading it. Developing a good restaurant menu requires that you use words and language that is understood by all.

Moreover, whenever you are making something for a local settlement, some study has to go into what the local settlement is all about and what it portrays and understands. Spending the appropriate amount of time into understanding what the locals can provide a good boost to the business.

Theming the entire business

Deciding on a theme that fits on the profile of successful restaurant business is very important. The theme decides what the color profile of your menu card will be and what fonts and what layout it will follow. To put it in simple words, the theme decides everything about an attractive restaurant menu. So, be careful about deciding on the theme of the menu since once it is decided, it will be for the long run.

Restaurant Business Plan Explained

If your dream is to own and run a restaurant, then you need to start your venture by creating a suitable restaurant business plan. This plan must spell out how you intend to transform all your ideas into reality. Of course, no two restaurant owners are going to use the same plan. Even so, there are many things that you will need to address in order to create a business plan that will help to make your restaurant achieve desired results. Here is a brief look at what you should include in your restaurant business plan.

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Top Instagram Ideas for Your Restaurant

Social Media has always been the best source of marketing in this era. It is always a headache for big restaurant giants and small restaurant managers even to keep the posts inflow on their social media websites and social media forums. What to share on social media on Instagram and other social media websites is highly important because it enthralls your internet traffic. To keep the audience enthralled and kept them visiting your page on and off, the content decides the number of people visiting your page.

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Restaurant Promotion Ideas to Make an Impact Today

There are multiple options; online and offline to promote your business. Before adapting a certain promotion idea, it’s important to understand your business requirements. You need to have firm control over the accounting system of your restaurant to give out discounts and various deals. Don’t just copy anyone’s idea because it works wonders for them.

You need to understand your customer behavior according to your own demographics and location. Have a realistic assessment of where your restaurant is standing currently in the marketplace. Get data for your online customers and the most popular items on your menu. Also, you need to have a firm grasp on your food margins. You can give out discounts on food with excess margins however there are other ways to go about it as well as listed below.

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Hiring Restaurant Staff: Explained by Job Role

Whether it’s summertime or winter time, the demand for restaurant never fades away. But wait! Not every restaurant is destined to be high on appetite… Now here comes a BIG question in our mind that what are the things which make our restaurant more demanding as we live in a relative world and our potential customers are going to collate us with the restaurants offering same stuff.

Finding qualified employees is as important as the quality of food. In fact, all these things mingle to give a quality restaurant which later on becomes a brand. The skills and peculiar command one needs to thrive in a restaurant all depends on the role he/she will play in the business. Before looking for “HOW to hire” we must know “WHO to hire” for the restaurant. Chefs, Serving Staff and Managers are the backbone of the restaurant.

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